Seedbed (1972)

Author: Vito Acconci

[penci_blockquote style=”style-2″ align=”none” author=”Jerry Saltz “]In this legendary sculpture/performance Acconci lay beneath a ramp built in the Sonnabend Gallery. Over the course of three weeks, he masturbated eight hours a day while murmuring things like, “You’re pushing your cunt down on my mouth” or “You’re ramming your cock down into my ass.” Not only does the architectural intervention presage much of his subsequent work, but all of Acconci’s fixations converge in this,

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Jacques Lacan. The Neurotic’s Individual Myth


“The Neurotic’s Individual Myth” was given as a lecture at the Philosophical College of Paris, organized by Jean Wahl, late Professor at the Sorbonne. The text was distributed in 1953 without the approval of Dr. Lacan and without his corrections.

The desire of The Psychoanalytic Quarterly to publish a translation of this lecture led me to make the necessary corrections. The present version, which has been reviewed by the author,

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